Pre-sales Questions

1. How many waiters can download the app?

There is no restriction on the number of waiters. You can have any number of waiters using the app within the restaurant.

2. Can I have multiple kitchens?

Yes, you can have multiple kitchens and you can also configure items in your menu with the corresponding kitchen number. The items which are ordered shall go to the respective kitchens.

3. What additional hardware will I need?

The solution works with the current billing computers and printers. If your waiters have android phones, then they can use their own phones. They don't need internet on their phones. Also, in the kitchens, you can use tablets or PC if you want a bigger screen.

4. How do I restrict internet access in the restaurant?

We will help you configure the WiFi router to allow internet access to only certain IP addresses in your restaurant. The waiter app and the kitchen app do not need internet connectivity; they just need to be on WiFi.

5. What are the AMC charges?

For FoodKart basic, first-year AMC is included in the package. From the second year onwards, AMC will be 10% of the solution price or 3k whichever is higher. For FoodKart cloud and Online ordering application, since it is billed on monthly basis, there is no AMC for the same.

6. How is a restaurant app applicable for ice-cream parlors, sweet shop, and QSRs?

A restaurant app for ice-cream, sweet shop, parlors, and QSRs run through a standard application where you can manage suppliers, purchases, inventory and pre-order bookings.

7. How is a restaurant app applicable to bakery and cake shop?

The app can work for bakeries and cake shops. You can make prior bookings for customers and manage food deliveries and parcels.

8. How can a customer account be made and managed in the system?

A customer account can be managed by paying or adding money to the wallet.

9. Can this work seamlessly for a parcel and online ordering apps?

Yes, it is certainly suitable for a parcel and online ordering apps like Zomato and Swiggy with other customizable options.

10. What reports can be viewed and generated?

Sales, purchase, deliveries, parcels, discount reports are available. In payment mode, detailed and summary reports related to VAT and GST can be viewed and generated.